Johannes Wilm

Vivliostyle - Web browser based CSS typesetting engine

Johannes Wilm (Vivliostyle Inc.)


All currently available typesetting systems and formats are rather limited, and the integration between workflows related to print are quite different than those related to web publishing and ebooks.

In this article we argue that the best way forward to unite the workflows is to focus on an HTML-centric workflow, using CSS for styling, and leveraging the power of browsers through the usage of Javascript for print-based layouts.

The Vivliostyle project is working on a new typesetting engine for the next phase of the digital publishing era in which web, ebook and print publishing are unified. We seek to demonstrate here that such a project is needed to bring the three publishing workflows together.

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Johannes Wilm and Shinyu Murakami (村上真雄). "Vivliostyle - Web browser based CSS typesetting engine" Presented at XML London 2015, June 6-7th, 2015. doi:10.14337/XMLLondon15.Wilm01.

Johannes Wilm

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