Pre-conference Friday (June 5th)

This year there is a free Pre-conference Friday being held on June 5th.
You do not need an XML London 2015 Pass to attend this Pre-conference Friday event.

Time Room "Malet Place Eng 1.20" Room "Roberts 110"
09:30-11:00 oXygen Users Meetup Generating PDF using
CSS paged media
11:00-11:30 Break
11:30-13:00 oXygen Users Meetup Generating PDF using
CSS paged media
13:00-14:30 Lunch Break
14:30-16:00 oXygen Users Meetup XSLT & XSL FO toolbox
of tips and tricks
16:00-16:30 Break
16:30-18:00 oXygen Users Meetup XSLT & XSL FO toolbox
of tips and tricks


oXygen Users Meetup

An oXygen Users Meetup is being held in "Malet Place Eng 1.20" all day. For detailed information about this event and to register, please visit oXygen's User Meetup Event page.

Generating PDF using CSS paged media

Andreas Jung is running a workshop / training session*. He will demonstrate the basic usage of related tools (either PrinceXML or PDFreactor) which includes:

  • @page rule examples
  • basic formatting
  • headers and footers using CSS regions
  • simple multi-column layout
  • footnotes

* Attendees must have either PDFreactor or PrinceXML installed. Both tools are available as evaluation version for all platforms.

The material for this workshop is available at the GitHub repo:

XSLT & XSL FO toolbox of tips and tricks

Session ran by Tony Graham (Senior Architect, XML Division) at Antenna House, Inc.

XSLT was designed to transform XML into other formats, and its original purpose was to transform XML into the XSL-FO vocabulary for formatting as pages.

Producing pages is still close to the heart of many publishers, but we also use XSLT to transform XML into other XML vocubularies, into HTML, and into other non-XML formats.

This session provides sample techniques for using XSLT and XSL FO in publishing. We encourage attendees to put forward their pain points with using XSLT and/or XSL FO and we'll add them to the mix as we look at solving the XSLT and XSL FO problems that matter most to people.

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