About XML London

Charles Foster

Charles Foster


Programme committee chair & event host.

Kate Harris

Kate Harris

Conference Organiser

Event organisation and administration.

Stephen Foster

Dr. Stephen Foster

Conference Organiser

Event organisation and administration.

The conference is organised by Socionics Limited, a successful privately owned UK company which has been established for 9 years, developing computer software and providing MarkLogic and XML consultancy services to clients who include JP Morgan Chase, LexisNexis, Royal Society of Chemistry, Oxford University Press, The Stationery Office and MarkLogic.

Company Location

  • Socionics Limited
  • 103 High Street
  • Evesham
  • WR11 4DN
  • United Kingdom

Company Number


VAT Number

931 5871 15


+44 (0) 1386 871 904


[email protected]

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XML London - RDF triple store

All information about the XML London conference is open and available in Linked RDF format.

SPARQL Endpoint: http://xmllondon.com/sparql
Graph Store Protocol: http://xmllondon.com/data

Data Contributions and Thanks

Thanks go to Charles Foster and William Holmes for their contributions to the XML London dataset.

If you would like to contribute to the XML London dataset, please submit a Git Pull Request to https://github.com/cfoster/xmllondon-rdf

Please contact us if you find a bug or think something could be improved.