Norman Walsh

Standards Update - XInclude 1.1 and XProc 2.0

Norman Walsh (MarkLogic)


XInclude 1.1 includes new features designed to allow it to more flexibly deal with practical, real world problems of XML inclusions, for example ID/IDREF fixup. It also includes broader support for new media types and the ability to transclude text documents. It's recently been republished as a second Last Call.

One could argue that the success of XProc 1.0 has been limited to some extent by complexities in the language that have become apparent now that it's being broadly deployed. The XProc Working Group is acutely aware of its shortcomings and plans to address the most conspicuous usability issues in XProc 2.0, due out "real soon now".

Norm will cover these standards developments, shamelessly troll for implementors, and answer any questions he can.

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Norman Walsh. "Standards Update - XInclude 1.1 and XProc 2.0" Presented at XML London 2015, June 6-7th, 2015.

Norman Walsh

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