Fabio Labella

A rendering language for RDF

Fabio Labella (The University of Edinburgh and NCR Corporation)


Since RDF is primarily intended to be processed by machines, there is a need for a technology to render it into human readable (HTML) content, similarly to what XSLT does for XML. This is made hard, however, by the high syntactic variability of RDF serialisations, that allows the same graph to be expressed in many different ways.

In this paper we propose an approach, called just-in-time reflection, that allows the application of normal XSLT stylesheets directly to RDF graphs. It follows that the transformation does not depend on any particular serialisation format: stylesheets can be written in terms of RDF's abstract syntax.

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Fabio Labella and Henry S. Thompson. "A rendering language for RDF" Presented at XML London 2015, June 6-7th, 2015. doi:10.14337/XMLLondon15.Labella01.

Fabio Labella

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