Phil Fearon

Streamlining XML Authoring Workflows

Phil Fearon (DeltaXML)


When preparing XML content for publication, even small-scale projects can involve many people at different stages in the process; the process itself will often repeat several times. It follows that an XML review and approval workflow should allow everyone to contribute to the process at various stages; this is often critical to the quality and timeliness of the end-product.

This paper explores ideas on how XML document merge features can allow contributors and reviewers to, when necessary, work concurrently on content within an XML authoring workflow. A 'proof of concept' application called XMLFlow is used as a vehicle to demonstrate some of these ideas; some detail on the design and implementation of this proof of concept is also covered here.

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Phil Fearon. "Streamlining XML Authoring Workflows" Presented at XML London 2015, June 6-7th, 2015. doi:10.14337/XMLLondon15.Fearon01.

Phil Fearon

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