Autumn Cuellar

What you need to know about the Maths Stack

MathML, MathJax, HTML5, and EPUB 3

Autumn Cuellar (Design Science)


MathML is a well-known and widely-used standard for encoding mathematics within XML workflows, but what you may not know is that MathML is not just a standard that affects your internal workflow, used only for storage and converted to images when you need to present your content to your audience. MathML is a key part of the digital publishing revolution towards enriched content. Its recent inclusion into the HTML5 and EPUB 3 standards is helping to bring to fruition the promise of interactive content for maths-based industries around the world.

All of the major browser vendors have pledged support for HTML5, and many EPUB readers are built on browser engines, thus full browser and e-reader support of MathML is expected in the future. Gecko-based browsers including Firefox already do include native MathML support. WebKit, the engine behind Safari and Chrome, also has some MathML support, though only Safari has included this feature in releases. Until universal support for MathML is available, MathJax fills in the gaps. MathJax is an open-source Javascript library for displaying MathML in all modern browsers and has been included with success in EPUB readers, such as Readium.

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