Dino Fancellu

XML Processing in Scala

William Narmontas (Apt Elements Ltd)


Scala is an established static- and strongly-typed functional and object-oriented scalable programming language for the JVM with seamless Java interoperation.

Scala and its ecosystem are used at LinkedIn, Twitter, Morgan Stanley among many companies demanding remarkable time to market, robustness, high performance and scalability.

This paper shows you Scala's strong native XML support, powerful XQuery-like constructs, hybrid processing via XQuery for Scala, and increased XML processing performance. You will learn how you can benefit from Scala's practicality in a commercial setting, ultimately increasing your productivity.

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Dino Fancellu and William Narmontas. "XML Processing in Scala" Presented at XML London 2014, June 7-8th, 2014. doi:10.14337/XMLLondon14.Narmontas01.

Dino Fancellu