George Bina

XML Authoring On Mobile Devices

George Bina (Syncro Soft / oXygen XML Editor)


Not too long ago XML-born content was not present in a mobile-friendly form on mobile devices. Now, many of the XML frameworks like DocBook, DITA and TEI provide output formats that are tuned to be used on mobile devices. These are either different electronic book formats (EPUB, Kindle) or different mobile-friendly web formats.

Many people find XML authoring difficult on computers, let alone mobile devices. However, due to the constantly increasing number of mobile devices, that made people create mobile-friendly output formats from XML documents, there is clearly a need to provide also direct access to authoring XML content on these devices.

I would like to explore the options for providing XML authoring on mobile devices and describe our current work and the technology choices we made to create an authoring solution for mobile devices. Trying to enable people to create XML documents on mobile devices is a very exciting, mainly because the user interaction is completely different on a mobile device: different screen resolutions, different interaction methods (touch, swipe, pinch), etc. See how we imagined XML authoring on an Android phone or on iPad! How about editing XML on a smart TV? Leverage speech recognition/dictation and handwriting recognition technologies that are available on mobile devices to enable completely new ways of interacting with XML documents!

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George Bina