Kal Ahmed

Linked Data in a .NET World

Kal Ahmed (Networked Planet Limited)


This paper discusses two different ways in which .NET applications can access linked data. We start with a discussion of using LINQ to query data from a SPARQL endpoint that will describe how and why you might use LINQ queries against a compile-time data model to query a dynamic, open data set. In the second section we discuss OData - Microsoft's approach to publishing data on the web - and its relationship to RDF and the Linked Data approach, and we show how an OData endpoint can be easily constructed as a type-safe "view" over an RDF data set.

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Kal Ahmed. "Linked Data in a .NET World" Presented at XML London 2014, June 7-8th, 2014. doi:10.14337/XMLLondon14.Ahmed01.

Kal Ahmed