Rob Walpole

The National Archives Digital Records Infrastructure Catalogue

First Steps to Creating a Semantic Digital Archive

Rob Walpole (Devexe Limited / The National Archives)


This paper describes the context and rationale for developing a catalogue based on Semantic Web technologies for The National Archives of the United Kingdom as part of the Digital Records Infrastructure project, currently in progress at Kew in London. It describes the original problem that had to be resolved and provides an overview of the design process and the decisions made. It will go on to summarise some of the key implementation steps and the lessons learned from this process. Finally, it will look at some of the possible future uses of the catalogue and the opportunities presented by the use of Semantic Web technologies within archives generally.

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Rob Walpole. "The National Archives Digital Records Infrastructure Catalogue" Presented at XML London 2013, June 15-16th, 2013. doi:10.14337/XMLLondon13.Walpole01.

Rob Walpole