Stéphane Sire

Small Data in the large with Oppidum

Stéphane Sire (Oppidoc)


The paper addresses the topic of frameworks intended to speed up the development of web applications using the XML stack (XQuery, XSLT and native XML databases). These frameworks must offer the ability to produce exploitable XML content by web users - without technical skills – and must be simple enough to lower the barrier entry cost for developers. This is particularly true for a low-budget class of applications that we call Small Data applications. This article presents Oppidum, a lightweight open source framework to build web applications relying on a RESTful approach, sustained by intuitive authoring facilities to populate an XML database. This is illustrated with a simple application created for editing this article on the web.

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Stéphane Sire and Christine Vanoirbeek. "Small Data in the large with Oppidum" Presented at XML London 2013, June 15-16th, 2013. doi:10.14337/XMLLondon13.Sire01.

Stéphane Sire